ABC Human Capital detine certificate de acreditare eliberate de Agentia Nationala pentru Ocuparea Fortei de Munca pentru:

  • Servicii de informare si consiliere (Certificat seria B, Nr. 10/00078 in 28.04.2011, acreditare acordata pe durata nedeterminata)
  • Servicii de mediere a muncii pe piata interna (Certificat seria B, Nr. 10/00079 in 28.04.2011, acreditare acordata pe durata nedeterminata)

ABC Human Capital este acreditata ca si Operator de prelucrare date cu caracter personal. Inregistrarea este facuta la ANSPDCP sub nr. 5833, conform legii 677/2001.

ABC Human Capital detine Certificat de Calitate nr. 00060/2011, eliberat de Tjobs.ro

I meet Mrs. Diaconu eight months ago, in the winter of 2014.
Wasn't a happy period of my career path. I came across many projects that didn't concluded. I meet Mrs. Diaconu and I knew from the very first time that I saw a professional. She's gifted with a rare atribute among HR recruiters. She wants to know who's seating in her front.
Apart of the structured process of assesment that is guided in a smooth manner that the candidate didn't even realize the process that take place, she know how to extract the real and maybe hidden feelings from inside of the candidate.
I felt that I'm encouraged to express free, what I think, what I feel, and how I think.
The process goes along few months, I reach the final, I was choosen, but due to communication malfunction between employeer legal department and me, the mandate contract was not signed.

During the recruitment process I was keept on the loop with info, with phone calls for feedback, with ongoing developments at least once at two weeks, which I must admit is a very rare behavior between today recruitment companies.

Even when all fail, Mrs. Diaconu act as a professional and tried to reinforce the decision, acting as a mediator between both sides.
Moreover, she keep me posted, offering me advice, putting her best into mantaining a relation wide open, even the process wasn't concluded.

Even today, when I found my path, Mrs. Diaconu found time for sharing thougths, impressions, I would say quality time.

I need to recognise few atributes that qualifies Mrs. Diaconu for being the choosen one by Companies that are in research for motivated and skillfull personnel.

1. Professional way of approach.
2. Structured processes into assesment of the candidate.
3. She posses the science of reading inside people. Knowing for shore who you really are.
4. She's objective and fair.
5. Posses a relenthless determination ongoing through process of recruitment.
6. Own the capacity of discover talent that could fit in any industry, no matter if the candidates are new on the selected industry for which the process is on.

If you really want to have a professional recruiter, motivated by passion, your answer is here, Mrs. Diaconu.

Iulian Gheorghe
Iulian Gheorghe
Senior Trader & Origination and Sales Manager Romania and Bulgaria Region at Bunge