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Network administrator installs, maintains and coordinates the entire hardware and software technical equipment and IT in the company.

Main tasks and responsibilities for System & Network Administrator – multinational company:
• provides consultancy in the purchase of technical equipment by recommending appropriate solutions to the business activity;
• Installs, maintains and coordinates the entire technical equipment (computers, printer, copier, phone, fax – telephone). If needed specialized interventions (phone, fax, telephone), deals with solving the problems in the shortest time and in optimal conditions by contacting and cooperating with companies providing specialized services;
• liaise with the company providing Internet services to ensure the effective activity of the company;
• maintains the optimal functionality of the network, the Internet system, develops grid infrastructure;
• controls / supervises the data traffic;
• protects information network and Internet traffic safety;
• provides back-ups to all data / information from computers and / or servers; plus user logs on public files;
• implements and maintains the necessary software for the business activity;
• maintains the optimal functionality of the hardware / software networks;
• sets and configures each computer;
• configures e-mail addresses for every employee of the company;
• provides protection against viruses, installs and updates permanently antivirus software;
• maintains permanent contact with the department managers in order to receive swift emerging needs, ensuring the effective exercise of the company;
• is required to seal all computers, monitors, printers, etc, to periodically check their status, being directly and personally responsible for their safety;
• verifies periodically the software configuration and Internet access of the stations in accordance with the setup approved by management;
• Shows professional behavior during the workday.
• regularly makes proposals to improve the work performed.

Required qualifications:
• Bachelor’s or higher degree in Automatics and Computer Science;
• IT network administration certificate;
• 2+ years IT network administration experience.

Key attributes & competencies
• Ability to work with deadlines;
• Good communication across all levels of business;
• Team player;
• Organization; Confidentiality; Analytical mind; Integrity & trust; Organizational agility; Patience;
• Problem solving; Time management; Highly detail oriented ;
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
• Advanced English communication skills;
• Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all levels of employees, management, and external agencies to maximize performance, creativity, problem solving and results.

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