About us

We provide extensive solutions for Human Resources projects since 2005.

We have successfully adapted to the new HR tendencies and creatively used the opportunities offered by the economical environment in order to support and attain the commercial and communication targets of our partners.

Our work includes solutions based on analysis and experience, deployment programs for personnel retention and motivational strategies adapted to the specific activity field of our partners, professional profiles analysis of candidates, selection of the most suitable strategy for the implementation of each project, continuous evaluation and monitor the proposed solution. This is translated through smart solutions based on complete and complex data, web applications, informative and socialization portals, test batteries conceived and implemented for each of our partners, online marketing campaigns and head-hunting.

We work for you - partners situated at the top of the market. Each project represents a new challenge, a new occasion to demonstrate that we maintain a constant competitiveness level and that we have the ability to create projects that will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.


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