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For every company, there comes a moment in which an updating of the human capital becomes compulsory. This is the right moment to start a partnership with a specialized HR company.

Continue your current activities and let us work for you!

Both the expertise areas and the projects we develop are connected to multiple and diverse activity fields. Every recruitment process is handled by our consultants with professionalism, discretion and openness so that the results are reflected in the new employee’s activity.

The internal database, long experience in working with different media environments, preliminary interviews with each candidate make us able to react correctly and promptly to your requests.  

For a correct decision on the recruitment solution and the necessary project steps we will identify together:·

  • the assignments and responsibilities of the job, the required competencies and abilities to be met by the candidates – these constitutes the recruitment criteria
  • the environment and work condition, the compensation package, the duration of the work contracts, the conditions for professional improvement.

After this evaluation we will be able to correctly estimate:

  • the necessary time needed for project finalization
  • promoting media for personnel selection
  • recruitment methods
  • possible issues of the recruitment process
  • the Recruitment Project.

The direct benefits you will have through the collaboration with ABC Human Capital are:

  • personnel FLUCTUATION reduction through identification of the candidates genuinely interested in your company
  • recruitment COSTS reduction
  • recruitment TIME reduction.




  • Evaluation test batteries regarding both pre-and post dismissal
  • Providing support programs targeted to those trying to adapt to the new demands of the labor market
  • Programs focused on role playing regarding important aspects in an interview
  • Providing support and consultancy in order to identify the most important research channels
  • Evaluation of labor market opportunities
administrare personal si payroll


Using outsourcing services for human resources administration will help you bypass organizing a bureaucratic and expensive department. All HR specific responsibilities will be transferred to an external supplier!

ABC Human Capital has the necessary know-how and instrumental means to ensure high quality parameters for our service and provides personalized solutions to our clients. Acting in this manner we respect your priorities and also the legal stipulations imposed by state authorities.

Personnel administration services will support you in solving problems related to: 

  • Employee documents administration·
  • Consultancy in properly drafting documents specific to labor relations: working contracts, additional acts, closing decisions, job descriptions, organization charts
  • Assisting and representing the company when communicating with control and reinforcement state institutions
  • Consultancy in creating and/ or implementing of some specific documents or settlements.  

Payroll outsourcing involves: 

  • Elaboration of the payroll and other standard monthly closing statements
  • Calculation of the compensations due for medical and maternity leaves
  • Calculation of the overtimes, bonuses and stoppages
  • Registrations of the pay list and monthly declarations such as: contributions to the social state security, healthy state security, lay-off – to the Territorial Labor Inspectorate
  • Files and payment orders generated by payment of salary related taxes.

Documents administration involves: 

  • Elaboration of the employment files (containing all the documents stipulated by the Romanian law)
  • Drafting and registration of the labor contracts
  • Elaboration and registration of the additional acts to labor contracts
  • Elaboration and registration of all the documents connected to labor contracts: modification, suspension or closing
  • Registrations in the general inventory book for the employees
  • Managing the direct relation with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate.


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