ABC Human Capital supported our search for highly specialized and qualified candidates. That kind of candidates that are quite rare and it takes luck to find them. It wasn’t easy at all, yet their perseverance brought the search to the end we were all hoping for.

Thank you, you have our appreciation!

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Florin Serbanescu
General Manager, Quiqweb

We have been working with ABC Human Capital since 2006 and have finalized 15 projects so far, for both executive and management search. Ours was an exceptional collaboration; our demands have been fully met, and sometimes even surpassed, for each project.
We appreciate the dedication that ABC Human Capital representatives have always shown, their flexibility in approaching a project, as well as their availability to find proper solutions to unexpected turn of events the client might be confronted with. ABC Human Capital team has proved passions for their field and, most of all, attention to their clients needs.

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Hr Manager Farmexim

Professionalism means knowing how to achieve your goal, when to act upon it and then simply start the process. As far as our collaboration with ABC Human Capital goes, it has brought us not only the results we were aiming for but also a trustworthy partner for our HR projects.
The dedication and support they have provided both during the unfolding of the each project and after completion, have convinced us, once more, of the value of such a partnership.
For these reasons, and not only them, we warmly recommend them to any future clients!

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Carmen Birau
CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Glencore Protein Romania

ABC Human Capital partnership with Macromex begins in October 2005 and it continues to the present.
As a partner to our HR Department they were always open-minded to our needs, they understood our business and recommended the proper candidates, they were dynamics, tenacious, flexible. Our relation has evolved in time and it is built on respect and a good communication.
For this reason I strongly recommend them to any future clients.

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Mirela Stere
HR Manager, Macromex SRL