Carmen Birau

Professionalism means knowing how to achieve your goal, when to act upon it and then simply start the process. As far as our collaboration with ABC Human Capital goes, it has brought us not only the results we were aiming for but also a trustworthy partner for our HR projects.
The dedication and support they have provided both during the unfolding of the each project and after completion, have convinced us, once more, of the value of such a partnership.
For these reasons, and not only them, we warmly recommend them to any future clients!

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Adaptam cu succes noile tendinte din domeniul Resurselor Umane si utilizam creativ oportunitatile pe care le ofera mediul economic pentru atingerea target-urilor comerciale si de comunicare ale partenerilor nostri. Activitatea noastra se traduce in solutii inteligente bazate pe baze de date complete si complexe, aplicatii web, portaluri de informare si socializare, baterii de teste concepute si implementate impreuna cu fiecare dintre parteneri, campanii de marketing online si headhunting.