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Din dorinta de a face o schimbare in planul carierei am avut ocazia sa colaborez cu ABC Human Capital. Am fost impresionat de naturaletea, simplitatea si rapiditatea modului in care candidatura mea a fost tratata. Ceea ce este mai important esta insa faptul ca pe langa alegerea candidatilor se afla si selectarea clientilor. Astfel am ajuns astazi sa ocup un post intr-o firma in care conditiile de munca se ridica la standarde internationale.
Va multumesc pentru ca m-ati ajutat sa ma dezvolt in cariera!

George M. Totan
George M. Totan

I met Corina few years ago, before she started her own business and, from the beginning, she proved to be a great professional and a completely reliable business partner.

I have been working with her in the past 8 years and I will continue to do it as she is always the partner who finds great solutions, delivers excellent results with very good value. Corina has excellent qualities both professional and personal which make her the partner always ready, available and enthusiast who will offer you very qualitative business services and especially, the expected results.

I highly recommend Corina for any type of recruitment project and as a completely trustful business partner.

Manuela Gute
Manuela Gute
Human Resources Manager at Louis Vuitton Group

I met Mrs. Diaconu eight months ago, in the winter of 2014.
Wasn't a happy period of my career path. I came across many projects that didn't concluded. I meet Mrs. Diaconu and I knew from the very first time that I saw a professional. She's gifted with a rare atribute among HR recruiters. She wants to know who's seating in her front.
Apart of the structured process of assesment that is guided in a smooth manner that the candidate didn't even realize the process that take place, she know how to extract the real and maybe hidden feelings from inside of the candidate.
I felt that I'm encouraged to express free, what I think, what I feel, and how I think.
The process goes along few months, I reach the final, I was choosen, but due to communication malfunction between employeer legal department and me, the mandate contract was not signed.

During the recruitment process I was keept on the loop with info, with phone calls for feedback, with ongoing developments at least once at two weeks, which I must admit is a very rare behavior between today recruitment companies.

Even when all fail, Mrs. Diaconu act as a professional and tried to reinforce the decision, acting as a mediator between both sides.
Moreover, she keep me posted, offering me advice, putting her best into mantaining a relation wide open, even the process wasn't concluded.

Even today, when I found my path, Mrs. Diaconu found time for sharing thougths, impressions, I would say quality time.

I need to recognise few atributes that qualifies Mrs. Diaconu for being the choosen one by Companies that are in research for motivated and skillfull personnel.

1. Professional way of approach.
2. Structured processes into assesment of the candidate.
3. She posses the science of reading inside people. Knowing for shore who you really are.
4. She's objective and fair.
5. Posses a relenthless determination ongoing through process of recruitment.
6. Own the capacity of discover talent that could fit in any industry, no matter if the candidates are new on the selected industry for which the process is on.

If you really want to have a professional recruiter, motivated by passion, your answer is here, Mrs. Diaconu.

Iulian Gheorghe
Iulian Gheorghe
Senior Trader & Origination and Sales Manager Romania and Bulgaria Region at Bunge

I have worked with Corina on several projects regarding middle and top management recruitment and I can say she is very hard working, creative, enthusiastic with a determination to get the job done well. She is very interested in finding out what the client wants in order to give a good results. Also she is seeking solutions to some of the issues that may occur.Continuously stayed close to our organization requirements, in order to identify the most suitable candidates for assigned projects within our organization. I would highly recommend the quality of her work, the fact that she is facing new challenges, new opportunities, new ways of self-improvement and building strong relationships.

Alina Plesa
Alina Plesa
Managing Director at Human Attitude

I have met Corina three years ago, when I chose to collaborate with ABC Human Capital in one of our recruitment projects and I was entirely satisfied with their work.

During the last years, I have decided to work again with ABC Human Capital and in this way I come to know Corina better. She proved to be a complete professional, with a broad perspective over the recruitment process, the candidates profiles and also with great understanding of the client’s needs.

She also has excellent networking skills, plus fantastic business flair, which were demonstrated by her ability to successfully manage her own company for over 6 years.

I am fully recommending Corina as partner for your need of professional recruitment services.

Alina Enache
Alina Enache
EMEA Regional Payroll Manager at Oracle

Stimata doamna Diaconu,

Doresc sa va multumesc inca o data pentru ca mi-ati oferit deosebita placere de a va cunoaste in cadrul discutiei purtate astazi!

Faptul ca mi-ati prezentat diverese optiuni pe care nu le-am avut in vedere, mi-a largit orizontul si mi-a redat increderea ca voi reusi sa realizez obiectivele pe care mi le-am propus. Notiunile indicate, sfaturile pertinente si concluziile succinte, dar cuprinzatoare pe care mi le-ati transmis intr-o maniera atat de calda si destinsa ma determina sa afirm cu tarie ca sunteti un adevarat profesionist.

Fara indoiala, convorbirea de astazi a adus plus valoare in cariera pe care imi doresc sa o urmez.

Daniela Circiumaru
Daniela Circiumaru
castigatoare sedinta de consiliere in cariera la ABC Human Capital
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