Administrative Affairs Responsible – pharmaceutical field

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  • Bucuresti
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Administrative Affairs Responsible – pharmaceutical field

Main Responsibilities


  • Checking VAT numbers of vendors and clients, consulting ANAF website fiscal information and arranging all payments of vendors invoices twice/month
  • Primary accounting – issuing invoices, preparing monthly cash flows, arranging the pickup of the treasury statements twice/month
  • Preparing monthly sales report
  • Being the contact person for external accounting company – offering explanations regarding invoices/payment/financial documents or procedures, cleaning and security companies
  • Arranging all original financial documents and archiving them at office
  • Requesting and receiving from clients/vendors balance sheets in order to arrange a reconciliation with external company and HQ
  • Sending monthly Intrastate invoices for VAT declaration.



  • Following and arranging periodical medical checks for employees in Romania facility.
  • Keeping record and preparing monthly presence sheet for HR payroll
  • Keeping in touch with external company of labor protection and fire prevention and taking actions when they recommend
  • Sharing the files for labor protection and fire prevention on a periodical basis to our colleagues and checking them to be signed by all team (in order to act according to law)
  • Keeping record and updating vacation report
  • Arranging rent payment and utilities payment for expats + other administrative issues
  • Preparing documentation and arranging payment of fees for residence permit renewal – according to advice of lawyer.



  • Arranging accommodation for our colleagues and guests (flights/hotel/transfers/reservations)
  • Answering calls and greeting visitors, preparing coffees/teas for guests
  • Managing written communications – receiving and redirecting correspondence
  • Collecting and archiving consumption files (materials used in production on a daily basis)
  • Responsible of ordering & receipt of office supplies (water, coffee, tea)
  • Making introduction for new employees – HR/IT issues (cards, Outlook accounts, laptops)
  • Providing requested information to HQ HR dpt. in case of employee resignation
  • Responsible of handing over laptop, cars, phone to colleagues and keeping record of them – taking care of handover of company goods in case of employee resignation
  • Preparing invitation letters for foreign colleagues who wants to apply for visa
  • Researching for accommodation for short/long term for guests/employees
  • Protocol – arranging meeting rooms in case of need
  • Contact person for Key Account Manager – providing information/documents from office when he is working remote (sales assistance and support)
  • Arranging the yearly renewal of functioning authorization of the company from City hall (providing docs and payment).

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