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Administrative Assistant – part-time 

Key attributes & competencies

  • good communication and relational ability;
  • ability to organize time, tasks and work;
  • attention to detail;
  • responsibility, order, fairness and seriousness;
  • energetic personality, kind, positive thinking.

Required qualifications:

  • Medium studies diploma;
  • PC knowledge.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • performing daily secretarial activities;
  • receiving and directing telephone calls;
  • receiving visitors and announcing the responsible persons within the organization;
  • ensuring protocol in meetings according to the daily requirements;
  • receiving, recording, distributing to the departments concerned, filing and archiving the correspondence and messages received from partners, customers and other employees ;
  • ensuring transmission / receiving documents by post, fax, e- mail;
  • other tasks set by the director / manager in accordance with the professional training.


Occupational Health and Safety

1)        Participates in all occupational health and safety briefings,  and signs the Individual Instruction Sheet.

2)       Carries out his/her activity so as not to expose himself/herself or other employees to dangers of injury or occupational illness, according to the instruction and training provided by his/her employer.

To this end, he/she has the following obligations:

  • acquire and comply with the legislation in the field of occupational health and safety, as well as work security instructions and measures to implement them;
  • cooperate, as long as necessary, with the employer and/or appointed workers / the external prevention and protection service, in order to enable the employer to ensure that the working environment and working conditions are safe and without risks to health and safety in its field of activity;
  • provide any information requested by labour inspectors and sanitary inspectors;


He/she has the following main obligations:

  • participate in the general introductory briefing, at work and periodically, acquire the information provided and sign the instruction sheet;
  • comply with the fire prevention, firefighting and civil protection rules in every circumstance;
  • know how fire protection is organized in the company he/she works for;
  • implement the civil protection measures ordered by authorities;
  • comply with and strictly enforce the fire safety rules;

Environmental Protection

He/she has the following main obligations:

  • know and comply with the legislation in force and the limits imposed by the environmental permit, for environmental factors;
  • organize and be responsible for the selective collection of waste from own production and from raw materials and packaging used in daily activities;
  • clean the workplace upon shift exchange;

Occupational Hygiene


  • use the hygienic and sanitary materials supplied by the company for that workplace;
  • maintain in good condition and properly use supplied lockers for their designed purpose, and maintain sanitary facilities in working condition;
  • attend the sanitization of his/her workplace

Working conditions

  • The position is part-time (6 hours)
  • Working hours 10 am – 4 pm
  • Contract for a determined period of time (1 year)

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