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Our client, a major player on the insurance market is looking for a CEO responsible with the management of the foreign branches of the company in Eastern and Central Europe.

Objectives for CEO insurance domain – coordinating international branches

⇥Design and apply strategies and/or development activity policy
⇥Represent the company in dealing with thierd person or legal
⇥Prospecting business oportunities with internal and external partners
⇥Developing collaboration activities with external companies approved by Executive Board
⇥Coordination of international activity of the comapany regarding the use of financial, material and human resources;
⇥Develop the teams and change division chart approved by Executive Board, if necessary
⇥Shows biannual or every time it is required, economic and financial situation for the international branches
⇥Perform any other tasks assigned by Executive Board.

⇥Experience in insurance domanin is a must
⇥Business development abilities and excellent management and communication skills
⇥Excellent knowledges of the insurance intarenational market
⇥Antreprenorial skills and results orientation are required also.

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