Junior Production Specialist

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Junior Production Specialist

This position directly reports to the Operation Manager.


  1. Plans the manufacturing process according to the production plan, realizes the last check and ensures the achievement of the production.
  2. Supervises the entire production flow of the department so that the product quality requirements are met according to the quality specifications and Marketing Authorization (M.A).
  3. Fulfilling the production in accordance with production plans, GMP, GLP, GRP, quality standarts and standard operation procedures of the company.
  4. Controlling whether the defined conditions are provided in the production laboratory.
  5. Preparing the necessary production reports, preparing and evaluating the batch records and controlling them when necessary.
  6. Ensuring that all the devices used for production work and control whether they work regularly.
  7. Preparing the files belonging to the facility.
  8. Ensuring the information flow in accordance with the instructions and procedures in order to fulfill production operations in line with quality, hygiene, radiation safety policies rules and objectives of the company.
  9. Guarantees that the products are made and stored according to the guidelines and procedures applicable in order to ensure the required level of quality.
  10. Checks the maintenance of the cyclotron and production equipment and sites.
  11. Takes part into action for solving the in-compliant product, of complaints, of product recalls, and of deviations.
  12. Plans, executes, or ensures the execution of the Production Department equipment calibration and/or validation program.
  13. Takes part in implementing the corrective actions established by internal and international quality audit.


  • Having Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, Physical Engineering, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.
  • Being fluent in English.
  • Having experience at least during internship and/or university.
  • Willing to work in night shift.
  • Experience in production in pharmaceutical industry, is a plus.

Please send your application to the following e-mail address: elena.gorea@abchumancapital.ro

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