Marketing Manager E-Commerce

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Marketing Manager E-Commerce

Job requirements:

  • more than 3 years of independent website operation experience, experience in Google and Facebook advertising promotion is preferred
  • have strong website optimization capabilities, master website content, keywords, links and other optimization techniques
  •  familiar with regular SEO optimization techniques, having website optimization capabilities
  •  research spirit, strong team coordination and cooperation ability, serious and responsible work
  • familiar with social media such as: Facebook, Ins, TikTok, etc
  •  strong data analysis ability and logical thinking.

Agile and clear, excellent planning ability, execution ability.  Strong ability to withstand pressure and good at communication.


  1. Responsible for the management of the operation team, formulating individual planning and structure construction of whole team, being able to conduct timely and effective employee training, to improve team training, and to improve team efficiency;
  2. Formulates annual, quarterly and monthly marketing strategy based on product sales data and promotion plans strategy;
  3. Responsible for formulating and guiding the team’s operational work for the website, decomposing individual sales tasks based on the department’s overall sales goals, formulating, implementing, optimizing and adjusting sales plans and strategies and leading the entire team to achieve monthly and quarterly completion indicators and goals;
  4. Regularly analyze sales volumes and structure, inventory and other data, adjust team sales strategies in a timely manner, and take care of stock rotation;
  5. Develop an overall operation and promotion strategy and implement an operation and promotion plan, achieve the sales goals of the online site;
  6. Regularly conduct team reviews, organize and analyse various operational data, report operational analysis in a timely manner and propose rational improvement measures and implement them;
  7. Regularly track and evaluate promotion effects, and submit statistical analysis reports of promotion effects, propose marketing improvement measures in a timely manner, and give practical improvement plans;
  8. Conduct in-depth research on competitor dynamics, track and collect industry trends, operate promotion models, optimize strategies, and improve sales performance;
  9. Have a rich experience in cooperation with KOL and social media promotion, understand Google and Facebook advertising pitcher delivery plans and evaluate expected results; monitor the delivery process, analyze and evaluate the delivery effect and form evaluation feedback.

Specific skills:

  • time management
  • organizational capacity
  • excellent expression and communication skills in writing and verbally in Romanian and English
  • goal management – orientation towards results
  • attention to details
  • problem solving
  • crisis management
  • delegation
  • collaboration and proactive feedback
  • in-depth understanding of business practices
  • the ability to budget

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