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Main attributions for Operational Manager – banking
⇥Manages and monitors specific activities of the debt recovery
⇥Making arrangements for receivables recovery, define, regulate the collection process, monitor compliance with regulations, review and monitor efficiency and effectiveness of the process: creating action plans for revenue increase
⇥Sharing operative insights with leadership, execute approved strategy, keep contact with client, monitor and move cases according to newest directives, register every information related to the managed receivables
⇥Collection and verification and adaptation of documents that make up the receivable file
⇥Ensures the documents security and the secrecy of collection operations carried out in accordance with legal provisions;
⇥Maximize recovery on total portfolio, keep track of total cases, full knowledge of and comply with internal regulations, full compliance with the Group bank security and ethical norms
⇥Real Estate Activities
⇥Takes responsibility for the work he performs and acts to implement the rules and regulations of the Society, propose improvement ideas, pooling support
⇥Respect and enforce the deadlines assigned by the CEO
⇥In case of extension the deadline, notifies immediately the CEO about the reasons
⇥Inform the CEO about the daily events
⇥Revise and monitor the Mobil case managers reports
⇥Close cooperation with the CEO
⇥Accurate investigation of the retail and corporate proposals, before sending out
⇥Decrease the auctions risks on zero
⇥Regular coaching: one case manager in a week
⇥Continued participation in real estate projects
⇥Participation in analyzing the portfolio transfer
⇥Held daily meeting with retail, corporate and leasing case managers
⇥Defines and regulates the collection process (channels, strategies)
⇥Sets actions, based on collection results (e.g. redefine specific process steps)
⇥Explores abuses incurred during the claim validation process and forward them to the bank security department
⇥Leads the implementation of selected initiatives
⇥Defines training requirements, organizing trainings and provides materials
⇥Monitors international trends concerning retail debt management
⇥Analyzes and monitors the debt recovery process and the financial status of the client portfolio

⇥Experience on a similar job, minimum 5 years
⇥Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

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