Pharma Distribution Officer – Night Shift

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Pharma Distribution Officer – Night Shift

Job Shift 2:00 AM-10:00 AM

This position directly reports to Country Manager and Area Manager as second manager & reports to Operations Manager dotted line.


  1. Delivers the products complete and undamaged in accordance with the daily product shipment planning, delivering the product to be exported to the airport in time.
  2. Delivers the documents coming from the departments related to legal and administrative procedures daily in time and keeps the records of these documents and shares with his manager when necessary.
  3. Monitors the returns of containers from the customer daily in order to ensure the continuity of production.
  4. Helps with the loading and unloading of materials when necessary.
  5. Realises the external operations of the company related to banks, insurances and other organizations.
  6. Ensures the shipment of the materials taken from the supplier, custom office or airport to the facility or mailed to the address.
  7. Takes part in the implementation of corrective actions established through internal and international quality audit.


Being fluent in English (nice to have)

  • Driver license
  • Having experience as Distribution Services
  • Willing to work flexible working hours
    Needs to be hardworking, honest, work well in a team environment, punctual, well organised, neat, confident.

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