Project Manager – infrastructure projects

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Project Manager – infrastructure projects

Tasks and activities:

• Organizes and controls the activities of maintenance and development of the productive capacity of the organization
• Responsible for keeping the technical documentation and taking measures to know and respect it by the personnel involved
• Coordinates the activity of site managers related to the organization of the site (staff dimensioning, location of barracks, warehouses, temporary networks – electricity, water).
• Coordinates the activity of the working / project teams
• Track and ensure the timely and good quality of construction work
• Coordinate the remedy of the non-conformities notified internally by the Technical Implementation Officer or externally by the Site Engineer
• develop draft investment plan and in accordance with the budget
• Follow the fully contracts for new investments and acts to ensure timely technical documentation, as according to the rescheduling of investments
• Participate in the qualitative intermediate stages, at the end of the works and at the final reception
• Coordinates the remedy of non-conformities noted by the beneficiary during the warranty period
• Coordinates solving pollution and environmental issues.
• Observe compliance with the technical regulations regarding the operation of the equipment and its maintenance
• In the event of emergencies, coordinate the action of the intervention teams.
• Follow all measures to prevent accidents at work and cooperates with people with specific responsibilities in the field of health and safety at work
• Take action to complete the execution schedules
• Collaborates with the contracting coordinator when making the offer to the customer, or sends it to suppliers
• Analyzes the offers of suppliers / providers / subcontractors , submitting them for approval to the managing director
• Coordinates the development of supply orders and, where appropriate, draft supply contracts.
• Provides the necessary equipment for construction works (own / rented from third parties)
• Evaluates the firms of suppliers, providers and subcontractors

Requirements, Qualifications and Competencies:

a) Studies: long-term technical
b) Qualifications
– Authorizations and certifications: relevant and sufficient to fulfill tasks and obligations (postgraduate
management courses, MS project certification or similar, or other relevant, e.g. FIDIC courses in production
management, MBA)
– knowing a language of international movement, preferably an advanced level (English)
– Experience : Minimum 5 years in similar functions is as complex as possible

c) Competencies :
– professional knowledge of trends and production at national and international level
– management skills, negotiation and communication
– the ability to coordinate work / project teams
– ability to analyze and identify solutions for job position and job problems
– very good planning, organization, coordination and synthesis capacity;
– ability to meet deadlines and initiative in actions;
– promptitude, conscientiousness and efficiency in accomplishing tasks and work
– availability for collaboration with all employees of the organization
– confidentiality, orientation towards results; the sense of duty and responsibility;
– perseverance, flexibility, consistency, decision-making capacity and responsibility.

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