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• Monitors and verifies the correct determination by the lab personnel in the company’s locations of the grains and oilseeds quality at the reception stage, throughout storage and at the delivery stage, as well as registering the results in the documents that are prepared in this regard.
• Develops instructions on the qualitative reception of each type of commodity, as well as other provisions regarding the quality and conservation state of commodities for each crop; monitors the upholding of these instructions in the company’s locations.
• Analyzes periodically (at least once per month) the commodity stock quality for each location (both: owned by the company and service providers), drafts reports with the results obtained and sends them to the Trade and Logistics Departments for the development of the supply contracts and their execution.
• Analyzes the conservation status of commodities during storage, points out instability phenomena, proposes measures to properly preserve the stock, which are then sent to the locations and monitors their execution.
• Takes part in drafting the sale-purchase contracts for grains and oilseeds, in regards to establishing the conditions for quality and food safety.
• Monitors the compliance of the conditions in the sale-purchase contracts with regards to quality parameters that have to be met by the delivered quantities of products.
• Coordinates the execution of controlled mixtures between batches of products with different qualities, in view of delivering, where applicable, a bigger quantity of products with higher parameters than at the reception stage.
• Monitors the proper functioning of the laboratory equipment on locations, requires its recalibration where appropriate and ensures that quality determination is done only with laboratory equipment that is checked and approved from the metrology point of view.
• Develops investment proposals for the endowment of the labs and monitors the upholding of the deadlines for the purchase of the approved ones.
• Coordinates the implementation of preliminary programs, procedures and regulations on Food Safety and the HACCP Plan in the company locations
• Ensures the completion of the staff training programs on food safety issues, according to the company proceedings existing in this regard
• Coordinates the solving of the any quality issues raised by customers; analyzes the causes for these phenomena together with those involved and establishes measures to prevent such situations.


Educations and work experience:
• Third level education in: food industry / agronomy / biology / biochemistry
• A minimum of 3 years work experience in the field of quality determination, storage and conservation of grains and oilseeds (is an advantage)
• Team coordination experience (is an advantage)

Key technical skills:
• PC literate: Microsoft Office – mandatory: Word, Excel, Outlook
• Knowledge of English: advanced level
• Knowledge of quality determination for consumption seeds
• Knowledge on food safety regulations

Leadership competencies:
• Abilities to communicate, organize, coordinate, mitigate disputes
• Constructively and objectively managing conflicts
• Developing others and inspiring them though the power of example.

Please send your resume to the following address: corina.diaconu@abchumancapital.ro

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