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Summary for Senior PHP  developer/team leader: 

The Senior PHP (application) developer/team lead job is to map out, coordinate, and oversee the activities for the design, development, and execution of software applications for our customers. The role also requires responsible for the maintenance, support, and upgrading of existing applications. The candidate needs to able to apply excellent communication and analytical skills and knowledge of best practices to assist his team on all aspects related to the applications development. As well as undertaking development work in specific IDE’s, the candidate must be able to provide strong input on proposals and research for our company as well as assisting other resources in research etc.


The candidate will be responsible for the development and use of new applications, systems software, and upgrades to existing applications as part of their daily tasks. He/she will ensure that development projects match business needs and requirements, furnish end-user requirements, identify and resolve application issues, conduct pre-testing of applications and recommend proper modifications. He/she will be able to lead a team by providing analysis, application design, technical architectural input and research on different options. He/she must be capable of understanding and evaluating the systems requirements for an application either on our hosting or on the customers environment. The candidate will be capable of undertaking research related to customer requirements and make recommendations and suggestions on solutions and provide useful input on proposal, RFI and customer meetings in order to develop further business with an understanding of the business drivers on the our side and the customers side.

Education and Training Requirements: 

A university degree is the minimum academic requirement. In addition we expect a minimum of 6 years of software development experience with a minimum of 2 years in a similar role. We expect a strong level of expertise in at least two relevant technologies (PHP being primary) but most important is a practical experience, interest and ability to understand and an appetite to work with a wide range of technologies.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

The candidate must possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, multi-tasking and organisational skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and advanced computer skills. As the role is primarily a development team role with the ability to support management in decision making and customer recommendations.
The candidate must be comfortable with multi tasking in a quickly changing environment with the ability to quickly assimilate and evaluate complex requirements with a view to giving relevant feedback to management. Alongside this it is necessary to support other team members in a encouraging and supportive manner.

Working Conditions:

Work is in a standard office setting, is 40 hours a week with minimum travel requirements and occasional out of hours contact in an emergency situations. There is no routine expectation of long hours.

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Author: Corina Diaconu